Jeep Cherokee XJ Transfer Case Linkage Kit


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In stock


Transfer Case Linkage Kit, Stainless Steel Transfer Case Linkage Kit Replacement for Cherokee XJ/TJ Wrangler

Tired of your hard to adjust rube goldberg contraption that never seems to let you put your Jeep in 4L? Does you Jeep pop out of 4H when you flex too much? Our kit is bolt on, and simple yet effective. Junk the old “Z” linkage or bell crank, remove the lever from your transfer case, and install. Adjust, test, and go hit the trail. with our new custom built hardware, adjusting is easier than ever with just a pair of pliers, guesswork is dropped by 85%. This is everything to replace the crummy factory operation. NO DRILLING OR WELDING REQUIRED!

Tested to fit Cherokee XJ AW4, AX15, & NP231 and NP242 combos.

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Dimensions 22 × 10 × 10 cm


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